Hello linguotopic world!

Thursday, 20th January, 2011

This is my first post. It’s not about anything other than itself.


2 Responses to “Hello linguotopic world!”

  1. N Filbert Says:

    Not sure how to communicate with you effectively… but here is more from Gracq – I am finding my elision with language converges with my fascination with Chora, and these are parts of the reasons why…

    “The causes are in literature’s profound ambiguity, where a thousand enzymes work and ferment the material as it is being elaborated. Commentary on the art of writing is inextricably mixed up with writing at the outset…writing in its combinations effortlessly amalgamates living, thinking matter and inert matter, and that indiscriminately transforms both subjects and objects – to the understandable scandal of every philosophical mind – into the simple material conductors of a fluid…a novel is made of a certain number of thousands of marked signs whose equivalence, as the material-of-the-novel, is absolute, whatever the meanings to which they refer, because the novel as a whole is the value, all representations that these signs cause to spring forth being equal for the duration of the reading.” – Julien Gracq, Literature and Painting

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