A New Year Wish from Sammi Cheng

Friday, 1st January, 2016

Sammi Cheng sends a New Year message from her Weibo account:


** gloss

At last we are in 2016. All hope this year is better. But what do we mean by “good”? More successful? Richer? More beautiful? More “the best”? These definitions might conform to the standards of the world, but really in our hearts we might have a better “good”. For example: More loving. More forgiving. More kind-hearted. More humble. Let’s go!

** original


** new words

终于 zhōng yú finally, at (long) last; 于 (yú) = at (time)
处身 chǔ shēn dwell
定义 dìng yì definition
顶尖 dǐng jiān peak, centre, “best”
也许 yě xǔ perhaps
标准 biāo zhǔn standard, criterion
其实 qí shí in truth; 实 (shí) = solid
包容 bāo róng forgive
善良 shàn liáng kind-hearted
谦卑 qiān bēi humble

** constructions

[notes forthcoming]

任谁都 rèn shuí dōu
一年比一年好 yī nián bǐ yī nián hǎo
比这些更好的「美好」 bǐ zhè xiē gèng hǎo de “měi hǎo”
共勉之 gòng miǎn zhī

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